MSP Real Estate, Inc., Heritage Senior Living, LLC, MSP Construction, Inc. and MSP Property Management, LLC make up the full service family of MSP Companies.


From acquisition of raw land through construction start; Established in 1988, the philosophy of MSP Real Estate, Inc. is to develop high quality properties in strategic markets to ensure the best investment for us, our partners and the communities we build in. MSP Real Estate is a long-term owner that owns over 90 percent of what we have built.


General contracting and construction management;
MSP Construction, Inc. is responsible for general contracting service for MSPRE’s developments. Acting as our own General Contractor allows us to save costs and ensure quality on all our development projects.
Between 2012 and 2014, MSP Construction has built over 514 units with construction projects costs totaling over $56 Million. MSP Construction has constructed over $158 Million since our first project in 2000.

Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls


MSP Property Management, LLC (MSPPM) was formed in 2005 to more fully service its affordable housing and market-rate housing in Minneapolis, Northern Minnesota, Southwest Minnesota and Wisconsin.MSPPM currently manages over 731 units in 12 locations. MSPPM’s services include lease-up of the properties we develop and build and ongoing management of the properties, including accounting and on-site management.